I just managed to pick up a Fender ToneMaster halfstack from a church in good condition (just needed to replace the tubes) for $500. Just wondering how nice the amp is, it sounds great and only has a few physical discolorings and blemishes. An average price estimate would be cool.
Also the tube halfstack I had before it may be blown out. I can hear the sound through the head (very very quietly) but it won't come through the cab. Is the cab blown out and how many things could be wrong with it? For circumstances i was playing pretty loudly and I stopped for a second. When i started playing again, it was only coming though the head. I left it off for about an hour and tried it again and it still wasn't working.
Looking for a fix, thank you!
wtf coming through the head? is it a combo with a cab?
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Did you play this thing before throwing $500.00 at it. Things that don't work shouldn't be sold by a church me think.
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Read the post, guys!

He said that the amp he had BEFORE he bought the fender is out.

I suggest taking it to a tech. Try all the basics (tubes, cables, etc.) and if you can't figure out the problem alone, take it in to a tech.
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