alright since i dont have a killswitch the closes i can get to it is using setting the one pickup to 7 and the other to 0 so that when i flip the switch there is zero sound. so i was wondering if i keep flipping the switch will it break or will the wiring get mess up
epi switches snap right off

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I'de imagine that flicking something back and forth more than it was designed to would probably be bad. But I really have no experience in this area, so i have no clue.

the way the wiring is set up, moving the switch won't really put undue stress on it. If you ever do break the switch off, or compromise the switching mechanism, it's really quite easy to replace. All you have to do is be sure you draw a diagram of how all the wires attach to the switch and be sure you wire them to the same leads on the new switch. Soldering is easy, and kinda fun. While you're in there, you could probably also wire in a kill switch.

That's assuming your switch breaks, which it probably won't.

edit: The way a blade switch works, the wires don't move. The blade on the other end of the switch slides between leads, but the wires remain stationary. Because of that, moving the switch a lot won't break the wires off, but there's a possibility that the leads may bend and not make good contact.
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epi switches snap right off

+1 and ohh as a side note... don't try to do a windmill on a les paul, that thing came flying off like a rocket lol
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i play a les paul and i use the pickup selector switch to simulate the whammy bar sound sometime and i've gone through a few of em for that reason. so yea they do go bad if you beat up on em. its not an expensive repair infact if you buy a soddering iron you can buy your own switches and do it your self its fairly easy.
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what i do for my les paul is sort of keep it in the middle of the middle and the treble that way the switch does not make that clicking noise. as long as you not ****ing pounding on the thing you should be fine...besides pick up switches are easy to find and replace.
alright so i guess i should do that less. i kinda use it for like a delay effect also so yeah. thanx guys.