hey everybody, me (Kevin) and my friend (A.J.) are looking to start a popish/rockish band. We like all different types of bands of all different genres (Fall Out Boy, Simple Plan, Avenged Sevenfold, etc.), but we generally like to stay around the ballpark of Fall Out Boy and Simple plan.

We both play guitar and we both sing. We both have pop voices and we can both harmonize. We both have experience playing on stage in front of people and are very comfortable with it.

Looking for a drummer and a bassist that will not hold us back.

We both live in West Boylston (near worcester, MA)

I have some samples of my abilities in my profile:

A.J. also has some samples in his:

If you are interested, you can most likely reach me on my AIM name, powerchord9988
I'm pretty close, but that's not my genre of music... I'm more of a metal person.
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