I need a new amp! I want to get a fender tube amp that really has a john mayer tone to it. Im going to be playing it with a tube screamer ts808 keeley modded and a blues driver keeley just like he does. I want to buy this amp used on ebay or craigslist or w/e. My price range for the used amp is like 400-450$. What would be the best amp for the Mayer tone? Thanks

ps: I kno it's in in fingers,but to get close to it.
I don't know about John Mayer, but a Hotrod Deville 4x10 is probably the only fender I'll own =)
You should save a bit more, then you could get a sweet used amp instead of an okay used amp.
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If you're not gonna use the gain channel then a Hot Rod Deluxe would be very nice. Sounds good when it starts breaking up and has great cleans.
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If you want bluesy, maybe try out a Blues Deluxe. But i would save up some more, the only Fender used amp you could get I think would be a Blues Jr., and then you would want an EQ pedal probably.
Save more and you'll get a much better amp.

The Traynor YCV 50 Custom Blue is a legit option. It's got great cleans and a really smooth gain channel (I've gotten it very Mayer-esque) if you EQ it right.
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