Hello all, here is my dilemma, my lil set up includes and amp, guitar, and a line 6 delay moduler. The box has 2 in's and 2 out's. I plug the guitar into the in, and a chord from the out into the in of the amp. Everything is good, things word fine. But then i thought.....i should try and hook my computer up (i have a music making software). So i did, i have an adaptor so the guitar chord plugs into the headphone jack on my laptop, and plugged the other end into the in of the box. And everything worked great. I could play a drum on the program the sound came out of the amp fine. Then today, i was gonna mess around with it again, but when i went to plug in the chord to my computer this "noise" came from the amp. It's noise because that's what it sounds like, noise from a staticy TV channel. It happens right when i touch the tip of the chord to the headphone input. And i'm really confused, because that didn't happen the first time. If anyone had any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. THanks!