would a distortion pedal work with this type of hybrid amp? Some people say it does and some say it wont Anyone with experience with this please help!
It will work. It will most likely not sound good. It will certainly be a waste of money.

In other words, use the distortion on the amp, if you don't like it save for a new amp,
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I'm running the Digitech Scott Ian pedal through my AD15VT and it sounds great, go for it.
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i use a Boss-DS1 with my AD50vt and it sounds great so try it out
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it will not sound too good, because i run one through mine and the distortion was distorted(if that makes sense) just use the us highgain channel i mean that should be enough. i would suggest an overdrive pedal though. that would be a better deal
what is a good OD pedal to use? I also have a vox AD30VT (and love it) but want more crunch on high gain and warmth on low. I use an epi les paul
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also MacAdam you said you use the Boss-DS1 and it works fine, does anyone have experience with more metal-like pedals? metal muff or something, because I need heavy distortion...
just buy a metalmuff. that thing will last forever and is pwnage if you want a lot of distortion.
like you said you want a lot of distortion so if you are set on a distortion pedal that one really is the only anyone would ever need to buy if they needed a distortion pedal