I'm thinking of purchasing a multi-effect pedal. I don't need too much in the way of features, just the basics (delay, overdrives and distortions, reverb, maybe a wah/volume pedal, chorus, etc). The limiting factor is budget. I'm looking at $200 max, preferably staying towards the lower end of $100 though. From just looking at reviews, I've liked the look of the DigiTech RP90 and RP150. Does anyone have experience with these and can give a first hand account of their quality? I play a lot of blues and alternative, but just like experimenting with sounds too.

Boss GT-8, got mine for $200 in GC, just need to look
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I have a Boss ME30, really good system, check out EBay or something, you may be able to pick something up at a really good price.
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i gotta boss me50, but i wish i woulda saved up 4 a nicer boss.. or just bought a bunch of specific pedals. its still decent tho