Well, I love Opeth. That wasnt very Opethy...

I think some of the clean sections were pretty good, but the rhythms were way too bland.... And it also had no flow... Much too random for an Opeth song. (Maybe not random, but it doesnt flow nearly well enough....)

The cleans were the definite good part here, thats for sure.
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I like this, but it's way to repetitive.

The intro with harmonics is cool.

I like the progression when the distortion guitars come in, but it's very repetitive. Also i think it would be easier to write the rhythm like it is in my pic. It doesn't make much of a difference though.

The transition at 50 is bad, mostly because there isn't one

I really like the clean part. I don't think the cowbell is necessary, but do whatever you want.

The lead part over the clean guitar is very cool.

The riff at 77 is catchy. Nice little bass fill. I especially like the part at 93 were the guitars split up. Another cool bass fill.

Nice transition back into the clean part. Once again i don't like the cowbell, except for at 130.

I expected that to be the end, but then you came back in. I like that.

162 sounded good until the second guitar came in, I dunno why.

I liked the clean breaks at 178, 185, etc..

Maybe put something behind the arpeggios at 205, It seems kind of empty.

Good job. I liked this song.

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the only bit that remined my of Opeth was 52 - 75, but i still liked it. and by the way if you record it then send it to me
Everything is repeated to death. You kill the riffs, shame on you!
Theyre all pretty good riffs, the prob is the constant repeating.
And the transitions, the one at 50 is not very good, at all.
Try to repeat a little les before you throw in a lead, and try to not drag the lead out forever.
Your riffs around the middle/end is awsome.
And the thing when you turn on and of distortion is a great idea, and i love when people do these wierd things, makes the music so much fuller, more contrast and much more interesting. Only prob was that i didnt realy like the distorted riff you used here, but its a very good idea.

Anyways, crit my latest, it is also inspired by opeth. Not the riffs, but theyre acoustic work.
Awsome band for sure.