Ok so my band finally got some better quality demos recorded, and we put two of em up so far. Ones a remake of our original song "embers" The other is an Intro thats kinda neat, the intro recording quality only came out decent, but the song it flows into, which hasnt been posted yet, sounds much better.

Check them out and C4C plz!!!!!

embers: i like that intro riff alot. very cool/and reverby. the bass was cool. you need to turn up the treble on your vocal preamp and then turn the vocals down.

lead guitar was really good nice stuff. the solo was cool, but some of the tremelo picking could use work.

the vocals could use some work pitchwise...make him do them over especially the lower notes and the little ad libs, alot of them were a bit off. the chorus could use more emotive singing.

good stuff instrumentaly, vocals could use some work.

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Thanks alot man, yea im an amateur at recording so im still mixing, so ill take your suggestions into consideration, thanks a whole lot. I'll look at yours sometime in the next couple days man thanks again!!!! Anybody else?