I play metal and I have about 2000 to spend I was wondering what would be the percect set-up pedals amps guitars and all.
You shouldn't have to ask this question if you're spending $2000 on gear..
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You shouldn't have to ask this question if you're spending $2000 on gear..

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you should go try out a ****ing lot of stuff the try to pick stuff out your self.
just give me the 2000 and i'll use it to buy you some gear

i promise to not keep more than 1000 of it
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Go into a guitar store and try everything. Such as:

Peavey 6505 combo ($1200) and Washburn X50 Pro Deluxe ($700) or Ibanez RG1570 Prestige ($750) if you want a trem.

Just some suggestions, of course you should try before you buy.
What are you trying to accomplish, tone-wise? What do you want to play? For example, a chicken pickin' Nashville guy may require a different rig than an ambient black metal guy. A pure "shred" guy is going to play a totally different setup than a goth band guy.
get an Ernieball musicman JP sig... guitar heaven !! one one, or get a Mesa boogie mark IV amp, or a roaster
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get an Ernieball musicman JP sig... guitar heaven !! one one, or get a Mesa boogie mark IV amp, or a roaster

I'm not sure if $2000 is enough for one of those, let alone both.
For that kind of money, you really should figure out what you want on your own. There is plenty of good equipment in that price range, so you need to figure out what you want.

The only piece of advice I would say is that if something has to give, it should be getting a cheaper guitar, not a cheaper amp. You will do a lot better with a mass produced guitar with decent pick-ups and a really good amp compared to having a really nice, high end guitar and a cheap amp.
Just go try stuff out. My music store pretty much rents anything in the store, so you can bring it home for a weekend and drive the neighbors crazy.
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Amp: Marshall, Orange, Mesa Boogie or Peavey.
Guitar: Schecter, Ibanez, Dean or something in that area.
Pedals: It depends what you want to do.
Get a Dean, Caddilacs have excellent metal tone (oddly enough).
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If it were me, and get a bitchin Randy Rhoads model, and a Carvin V3 halfstack. You ought to do what you want, though.
Amps ideas:
Okay, I saw a CRATE GT3500H on ebay for 250 (Last Check) 350 watts. If you can live with solid state its a great amp. (Please, don't hurt me, YES, i stand up for Solid States)

If you need to get a great amp for cheap, look on ebay, best place to buy an amp.

Guitar Ideas. Staying within budget, may I suggest a Epi SG? If you need cheaper, you can always buy a an import. I also saw a nice Godin last week at a music store. Great Humbucker. Also look at buying a MIM strat and buying a new pickguard to fit 'buckers.

Since you play metal, you probs also want to buy EMG's or high immpedience pups. Look at SD HotRails if you want Single Coils passives. Kent Armstrong makes a killer QUADbucker- called the "motherbucker" for a reason.

The effect you MUST use. Ibanez Screamer.... you can get em for like 60 plus shipping at Ebay new.