I just bought a new fender standard and a little hughes and kettner 15w blue edition. Im not a gigger anymore, just a hobbyist, so i didnt need anything in the high watt range. Anyway, i get home and in the shop everything sounded fine. I plug into my amp with my guitar and i was sliding from 15/17 on the G string and the sound from the amp is like a fading crackle (if that makes sense). I also notice that if strum chords they sound kinda of crackled and a bit choppy (almost like theyre distorted in a way), it does this both on my squier and fender. The squier its harder to hear because of the cheap pickups, but its there. I am wondering if i need a new cable. The cable im using is a few years old actually and its just a cheap one you get with a "starter" pack type thing. Thanks
probably cable, high quality cables DO make a difference
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I hope. If it is the amp i can go get it replaced, but i feel that it's not the amp. Its hard to describe the sound the open chords make. Even when i play powerchords or play ska (like sublime) it sounds like theres a slight gain mixed in with the clean channel, like its crackley, i just hope it is the cable, i hate getting stuff replaced or fixed, going back and forth sucks. lol. I notice that when i have the volume low, ya dont really hear it, but when i crank it up higher its noticable when playing chords and what not.
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