Iv played one for three years, and never wondered how good it was, since then i have upgraded in amp and effects
Is it time for me to upgrade?
Is it an old starcaster, or a new one?

the old starcasters, from the 80's and such, are amazing, a small experimental series run by Fender to try out new ideas. The newer ones are just Fender recycling the name for wal-mart brand guitars.
I think like 125 new and i got mine for 70

^^how would iknow how old it is?
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It doesnt say tube anywhere on It.
So is it a Solid state?

Yes, it is a Solid State. Are you a bedroom player only? I would upgrade the amp first, unless your guitar feels so unbelievably playable. If you only practice in the bedroom, what do you play? Classic rock? Check out the Vox AD's and the Crate Palamino V8, and Epiphone Valve Jr.
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