Poll: Smoke On VS Im wanna Stop
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Smoke til I Die
13 50%
I wanna Quit
7 27%
other... (please specify)
6 23%
Voters: 26.
I'm 16. I smoke. I have no desire to quit.
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to be honest i dont wanna quit, right now in my life i enjoy my tabacco and the extra 4,000 chemicals in it
yea I can see that. I only seem to be tolerable of tobacco when I'm drunk. Then I smoke like a chimney.
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only smoke the bud... when do I want to quit? lets see. never.


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I wouldn't expect teenagers to care about smoking until they personally experience the consequences. Usually the only thing stopping them is their parents and those warning labels on them, which I personally take as a joke because i always get this one

I'm 19. Been smoking for 7 years now, thanks to an older brother (four years older.) No desire to quit. Somethings got to kill me, right? May as well be as a result of something I did, rather than getting hit by a bus. Lol...sorry, once again just got back from the bar.
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I would like to quit but everyone around me smokes and it it near impossible to fight the cravings when you smell cigarette smoke all the time.
I still go to the gym every other day, but I smoke excessively, drink excessively, and live excessively. I'll quit smoking whenever the drugs prevent me from living.
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If I could bring it down to about 5-6 cigarettes a day, then I wouldn't see the need to quit, but I know myself better than that, so I'm just gonna quit when I finish my last two cartons.
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