You should explain what it is.

Ps. It's a ring modulator.
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It's the same make Ring Modulator as used by Mike Einziger of Incubus, most notably on the intro of Glass.

You can get some pretty fucked up sounds with it.

How much are you after?
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i havent decided yet i mean its a cool pedal its got a damn grunge pedal built in it and i paid like $220 on ebay when these were scarce.can u make an offer?
what are the odds that pedal is still available?
So like, nipple hairs...is that sexy?
Just as a guide I sold my Gonk, boxed with all paperwork in real 100% mint condition on ebay and i got £130 for it. These are rather rare but yeah are pretty much good for playing Incubus tunes and thats about it.
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