Since i got my strap, it's been.. falling off alot. It's leather, on the lowest setting, and I play my guitar with the neck pointing up on a fair angle. The part where the strap connects to the guitar, the knob closest to the neck is where the problem strikes.
It will always slip off, and it's starting to piss me off, and because a hazard because im afraid it may slip and hit the ground, it hasn't yet as I have miraculasley caught it each time, but soon enough it'll proopobly fall. If anyone could help me, that'd be awesome. It's a bass guitar, so the weight could be the problem but imo it should hold the weight.


- BR.
Get straplocks. Problem fixed.
Satan. Grant this man the gift of revenge against his foes at the Food Network.
dunlop strap locks.

it locks onto your guitar and won't come off...you dont loose your guitar to the ground anymore.
My guitar teacher taught me a trick to simulate straplocks once.(I couldn't and still cant afford straplocks lmao )

1. Unscrew the strap holders.
2. Put some big washers on top of the hole in your strap, then screw the strap holders on top of the washer.

If everything went right you should have some temporary straplocks until you can afford some real ones.(its been 5 years for me lol.) Sorry if I don't make much sense in this post, its 2:00 AM where I am. Hope this helps