i need hel with this, i just got one today, and when i push down on it and it springs back up theres a big delay with out it doing a "wah" effect. Can someone who has experiience with this tell me how to use it and get the right sound for sweet chiuld o mine solo.

Sounds to me like you are turning the wah off when you get to the treble end of the sweep. When the wah is switched on and you are using it don't push it down hard at the top or you will turn it off.
It's a cheap wah, it does good fro the price...I'm investing in a new one soon but yeah...you get what you pay for.
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What I did to mine was open the thing up and cut the little paper sheild between the light sensors and the LED a little different so that it is slightly on all the time. You could also put a few pennies under the rubber stops at the heel of the pedal to hold it slighlty on. Its not true bypass that way but the wah effect is instant. Its cheap and if you screw it up its not a great loss, mine will be replaced soon.
For some reason this wah has almost one second of silence between when the pedal is first moved and when the sound resumes from the amp. There isn't any adjustment that will fix this issue, I don't know if its slow circuitry or poor design but the lag is unacceptable. The wah effect at the beginning of its sweep in barely noticeable through other effects so you won't really see much change except it will eat batteries when altered in this way.