Hi there,

I just "finished" building the beginner distortion box found here , schematic found here and it doesn't work quite right. The on/off switch works fine, when its plugged in i can play my guitar through it, and hear it, and the volume knob works also. There is just no distortion, it just sounds quieter than if my guitar is plugged straight into my amp. I used the same circuit board layout that is offered on the first link. Can anyone possibly give me a clue as to what I may have done incorrectly. Any help is much appreciated.

Are your transistors connected correctly? I don't know much about circuits, but the site you linked too says that incorrectly placed transistors are probably the most common cause for failed circuits. Hope you get it working right
It looks to me as though everything is connected correctly, but then again, its my first attempt. Would I still get sound through the box if a resistor, or another part, wasn't connected properly?