So I am sorry if this is a repeat, I did use the search and found that everything compared the Jag to the Jazzmaster but my question is different. I would like to know the difference between a Stratocaster and a Jazzmaster. And to specify on the start it would be an American made or a reissue '62. I have tried listening to as many bands as I can who use a Jazzmaster and the reason i am asking this question is that no guitar shop within a reasonable distance from where I live has a Jazzmaster that I would be able to try out. And if I am spending nearly 1,500 on a guitar I would like to know what is sounds like before I buy it. So if someone who has had a more broad experience with this matter I would appreciate you input. Thank you.
I'm a jazzmaster player. First, go for a Japanese one - more reliable, and a fraction of the cost.
Ok, the necks are similar, but JM's frets are narrower, the pickups are totally different, warmer tone, less harmonics. There's the nice rhythm/lead circuit too, the trem is unique, and locks, which is nice. It feels longer than a Strat cos the strings go all the way back to the bridgeplate. And the body is different.

Anything else you wanna know?