Ok, so I have been playing (and being really busy with school) since November, and because I hardly ever had time with my schedule to pick up my guitar I decided to take a class at my college this quarter.

Things are going well in it but it seems except for a few parts in certain songs I choose everything I am showed is all power chord stuff. Not that I have a problem with it, but I want to find songs that I can strum and stuff you know, or figure out how to play some of the songs I have learned with strumming instead of power chords.

Umm, I don't really know where to start asking or looking for suggestions at. I like a lot of music, everything I have done so far was from bands like All American Rejects, Green Day, Fall Out Boy and stuff like that... so yea... anything else I could tell that would help let me know. Thank You.

O yea, I am playing on an Acoustic.
john frusciante's guitar work for the red hot chili peppers is very versatile and depending on what songs you choose could challenge you up to a very high level of difficulty. I recommend looking through their discography and finding some easy ones (possibly off by the way as his work on that album is less technical)
Bones, sinking like stones.
- good riddance if you havent learned that yet
- wonderwall (need a capo)
- space oddity
- fake plastic trees is a pretty good acoustic song
- maybe redemption songs? i dont know i guess this is a start
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