Tight dude! You guys have talent, I love the vocals and the work on the synths. I wouldn't mind hearing a little more melody from the guitars, but that's just me. You guys sound professional and it's nice to hear good metal coming from California. Rock on! Death...
I totally feel that Wintersun influence haha, its like Wintersun minus the hobbit

pretty awesome atmosphere and riffage, you guys > wintersun, you just need some guitar leads lol, to be completely in the contender position -and rape them at it-
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Dude, this is frickin awsome. you totally remind me of like...children of bodom. Many props and kudos dude.
Wow that was actually pretty good. Quality melodic death metal that.
for real dude? thanks. yeah since those recordings we actually got a second guitar player and a different singer. We also dont have a keyboard player anymore. our stuff now is a lot heavier and chug-ish with a lot more solos and harmonies. i cant wait to do some quality recordings though