I've got a dsl50 halfstack and an epi LP custom. I have had my LP for a year now and i want something heavier sounding, but still with the LP shape/feel. I''m thinking about a gibson les paul classic (used), but i don't know if it will be heavy sounding enough, and i cant try one out, i live ages away from a decent store. can you lend a hand please.
I don't think that an LP will sound that heavy really, unless you put different pickups in it, but you'd do that to an LP is beyond me, it would just kill the signature tone +CoughZakkWyldecough+.
The Epi ZW comes with EMGs, but alternatively, you could just put something like EMGs, Blackouts, or some other heavy-sounding pickups in your Epi. However if you're going for a new guitar, you could check out the ESP Truckster, they have a single-cut shape and come with EMGs as stock.
Also, the LTDs have very similar specs to the ESP version so try out both if possible. Also, the ESP Eclipse series, they have a nicer singlecut body shape than Gibson (IMO) and they come with EMGs and sometimes with a Floyd Rose.
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