Does anyone know how they get they're pinch harmonics to do those trade mark squeals? I know how to pinch the harmonic but it never sounds like theirs.
what you do is when your doign a pinch harmonic you want to fret the string you wish to pick. Then when you pick thering, have your thumb right by the string then when you pick it, quickly put you thumb near the string then bend the string and do vabrato. Thats how Killswitch engage usign their squalies.
Are you pinching the note at the correct harmonic node?
Let's put this in context, this morning I was learning "My Curse" and was having trouble getting the pinch on the D# to sound true to the original. The solution? I practised pinching the harmonic up and down the string, until I found a strong node with a pitch close to the original.
Hope this helped.
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Pinch nearer to the bridge?
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