I have a Gibson Les Paul Custom but i prefer oiled necks so i was thinking of taking it to a luthier and having it sanded proffessionally like the Zakk Wylde model... the problem is i haven't ever seen anyone do it - is there a problem with dong it? It it not a good idea to have an oiled mahogany neck (Zakk Wylde's neck is maple)?

Thanks in advance

PS: Say i wasn't concerned with the guitars resale value; would an oiled mahogany neck really be that high maintenance? How often would i have to re-oil it? The reason i'd rather have an oiled neck is not only because i prefer the feel but also the finish on the top side (around where the thumb goes when bending) next to the 5th fret has started peeling (my fault)...the problem there is not that it affect playability in the slightest, it just looking really, really annoying whenever i look down at the 5th fret... and im not sure the satinising would mask that...

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I honestly can't remember if I've ever seen a mahogany neck oiled. The only reason I can think of for not oiling is mahogany is an open grain wood. That is why a grain filler is a must when preparing mahogany for it's clear coat finish...it elliminates the tiny little potholes in the finish that form as a result of the grain. Maple, on the other hand, is a closed grain wood. It is also harder. So, I'm thinking that because mahogany is open grained and softer, even with a sealer, it may act like a sponge and not give you the effect your after. I'm not certain about this, but, the oil may even act as solute and compromise any sealer or grain filler that was used to achieve that super smooth feel to the wood. Because of this, I question being able to get mahongany to give you the feel of an oiled maple neck. I think it's simply too porous. I think the wood grain will swell/raise with each application of oil. You may be able to keep the grain knocked down with 0000 steel wool with each maintainance application, but, I'm just not certain your going to get what your after here. You most certainly can oil mahogany, but, I don't think you will get it too feel like the oiled neck you want. Hopefully someone has tried it here and will give you their impressions of the results.