Ok so ive been playing guitar for about 2 and a half years now and i've decided to get really serious with my playing and make a career out of music.

I play about 6 hours a day but the problem most of that is just doodling around the pentatonic scale and playing the same old songs over and over again.

Now ive come up with a routine each day

For warm I do the exercises out of the vai work out normaly around 30 mins

Then i practice scales and learn new ones at the moment i only know major and minor pentatonic. Im stuck here cause im wondering if i Should all the scales and modes.

Next I improvise those scales over a backing track to get a feel for them.

Next I do some technique exercises like sweep picking or licks from songs.

then I move on to songs this but this where im quite stuck at the moment. Im one of those many guitarists that can play you every metallica riff and little bits of instrumentals (like caprice and canon) Ive atempted learning but i know don't hardly any solos or full songs. So what I do now is find a song and look at the theory behind like what scale and what key it's in. So i was wondering if I should bother learning a full song and if anyone could recomend some good songs to learn theory and technique wise.

I do about 30 mins ear training either learning easy songs by ear or using a ear intervel trainer. Then I spend of the rest of the time writing and just improvising.

So I was wondering if I was on the right track and if theres anything im mising out.
Your plan isn´t that bad! If you play two and a half years just the easy or regular riffs, you should truly start learning the whole song! It just trains your timing and feeling for music! Try to learn realy hard songs including Solos or just regular songs and improvise on them at any space you can Songs to learn: Hm, I don´t know exactly, cause i don´t know your taste of music!? If you like Avenged sevenfold, try some songs like burn it down ( nice solo with good speed and divebombs, intro is an arpeggio) or seize the day ( including the solo and the sweep at the end) Metallica, you could play nearly every song and improvise something on it or try to learn a solo by kerk, which might be hard to start with! Anyway, if these are too hard for you just start with easier solos I hope it helped u a bit
Good Luck
I would suggest getting yourself out of Pentatonic. It's useful but not for every situation.

From a theory standpoint it's a Major Scale that makes everything easier to understand. Pantatonic is based off the Major/Minor Scale depending on whether it's Major or Minor pentatonic so it shouldn't be difficult to grasp.

From there perhaps you'd do best looking into some chord progressions, as I don't see them in your plan. How's your knowledge concerning chord formation and progression coming along?

Then, for songs, perhaps you should learn full songs that aren't as long as most Metallica songs? Learn some more basic and easier songs first so you have practise with switching between riffs and progressions. Perhaps some Muse songs would be good as they range from short to long.

I think that would be quite handy for you.
Yeah well I havent done hardly any chord progession work what would you recomend to start that off.

Also now im using the g major scale the most and im learning melodic minor and harmonic minor

Basically i started doing lessons 4 months ago and I basically did chomatic scales for 4 months to a metronome so ive got my chops up to a decent level i just need some songs and theory to express.

With the solos I have more of problem with remembering them and sticking with I usally don't have trobuble with them technique wise.

As far as my taste in music Im into metallica, megadeth, hendrix, sabbath, zep, iron maiden, chilis(but I know most of there stuff all ready), Cob, Randy rhoads. Also into satch and pretrucci I having a go at glasgow kiss and damge control atm but that sounds lke a good idea finshing some easier songs.
Would recommend you start your chord progressions with looking into the Major Scale variations of it.

The Major, minor, minor, Major, Major, minor, diminished business.

If you read up on 'the Crusade' in the columns section it should tell you everything you need to know about it.

If you're a fan of Petrucci look in Dream Theater - Home from the Scenes From a Memory album. The song can easily be broken up into about 12 different riffs which, once you've learned them, you've learned a piece of the song. Some parts however, are very difficult, which shows how good a player you are at current. I've been working on that song about a year now since I started.
It's called Home. Best bet is to search for Dream Theater and then go on to page..5 I think it is. A lot of songs have the word Home in them nowadays.

It's in Drop-D, so you'd have to tune down.