I have both and i swaying more to playing my bass. I just want to know bout you what would like to play and why. ??

Define this norm.
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You know what forum you're in, right? Are you lost?

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i hate bass!!!
bass os boring

but seriusly you know this is a bass forum do you?
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why the **** is everone on hear taking the piss off me ??? aint my life not ****ed up enough without you lot ****in taking the piss
If it's not due to the fact that we get these threads every day, then it's the screaming obviousness that you're a guitarist in the bass forum. This ain't the Pit. This ain't the Guitar forum. Act accordingly.

To actually contribute to the thread, I play bass because I prefer it to the guitar. It sounds better imo, I like the lower frequencies, and guitarists always take the piss out of bassists, so I'd like to support my bassy brethren.
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Welcome to bass, you'll f*cking love it
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why the **** is everone on hear taking the piss off me ??? aint my life not ****ed up enough without you lot ****in taking the piss

Face it. People on here are harsh. If you can't deal with that, you shouldn't be on here.

Also, I prefer guitar.
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You are in a bass forum, and ask if people prefer bass or guitar.

Asside from the few who are very good at both and frequent the bass forum as weel as the guitar ones, you realise you will get a massively one sided response in here?

I don't know, asking if people like bass in a bass forum just seems like a very bad way to get balenced opinions.
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I love the use of the word "norm" and then comparing bass to it. Not only are you going to get unbalanced opinions here, you are going to get rather irritated and antagonistic opinions to boot. So, if you are going to play your bass more, does that make you a deviant (hmmm)?

Enough. I play both and its like asking me to compare apples to oranges. Yes, I play bass more because its my focus instrument, but I still grab the acoustic guitar if I'm singing at home or working out chord progressions by ear. And I still enjoy playing guitar, but it fits a completely different space for me that bass can't and visa versa.

(And then I got this money for my birthday and there's some really nice mandolins I've been looking at as well...)