Recordings would depend entirely on money, band schedule and length of song and such.

Battle of the bands competitions aren't easy to win really. You have to be pretty good. Better than all the other bands even.

Warm up for a while before the show, practise hard coming up to it and play songs which will work the crowd, even if they're not typically on your setlist. It's also best if you have the confidence to talk to the crowd. I once went to a battle of the bands where the band that won knew so many songs from being together so long that they asked the crowd to name a song and they'd play it. It took three tries to get one they actually knew but it worked to make the crowd shout out suggestions and such.
and on a unrelated matter, how many songs could a band record in a day if they were completely tight live

Recording is such a different beast then playing live you can't really compare the two.
And maybe we can fly away from here, surf on the debris of a broken scene...
Invite everyone you know. I don't think i've EVER seen a battle of the bands where the winner didn't have the most people there to see them.
Recording time all depends on how you are recording it, and how well you need it done. Unless you give more details, it would be like asking us how long we think you could take to run a mile.
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I always tell clients that ask me this before coming to record that it comes down to "How much time and energy do you want to spend sweating over how small a detail?"

Honestly, I had one band in that recorded and mixed 8 songs live off the floor (8-10 tracks per song). No overdubs - just two takes and keep the best of each song. There were minor flubs that weren't too big a deal. The sound quality was okay, but not what you would get by spending more time on it.


There are some links there. The Die Hard Losers and Subversives match the above description and are on that page.

Our band, because all the gear is mine, had the luxury of taking as much time as we wanted. We spent probably about 6 days recording, and endless hours mixing to do our 10-song CD. Our songs are there too. You can hear the difference.

To take it even further.... bands like Def Leppard and Aerosmith and what-not spend literally years completing an album. A guy like Mutt Lange will spend an entire day experimenting with different combinations of snare drums, mics and preamps.... just to find the right snare sound for a song. An entire day.... just on that!

You get the idea.

Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

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as far as recording goes, my band was super tight, and we recorded live off the floor. in 4 hours, we recorded 3 songs. One was done in one take, one was done in two takes, the other, the newest song, took 13. Then about an hour to mix it all down properly. Sound quality is pretty good. check out www.myspace.com/pajamasband for a listen.

Fingertips - one take
Let me light your cigarette - two takes
when youre sober - 13 takes