Just a headsup for those who like Ska. These guys are one of the best Ska bands I've ever listened to/saw live.

Good tunes:
Freak Show
Can't Stand it
Out All Night
Drunken Master
Yesterday's Over
Biblical Sense

They've got their own sound and feel to their music, real cool stuff. There should be some videos on youtube.

And of course for those who know them feel free to talk about them.
Ah I see you like Big D. Cool stuff.

I'd start with Mix Tape #6. Oolooloo is great but not as well produced and consistent. Turbo is great too.
So I'd answer a thread that's over 6 months old..? I HAVE seen them live and I can tell but I'm thinking the thread started would have prefered his answer sooner... If this thread gets some people into the band then all good. If you feel offended by it then I'm speechless.
I wouldn't worry about the search bar thing. I doubt anyone is really gonna complain about 2 Pietasters threads in six months.

Personally I think the first 3 Pietasters album are pretty damn good. Especially when you compare them to the rest of the third wave.

After Willis, they kind of let themselves go like a Mexican housewife.
I like these guys. They're not my favorite ska band, but I do like their style. I've got All Day, and will probably buy some mo'.
I just realized today i wore my pietasters shirt.
i have 'Willis' LP, and the 7'' euro press of 'Out all night' on white vinyl.
and 'Turbo'(?) cd i really should be less cheap and buy the new album.
i heart The Pietasters especially "drunken master" because that is my favorite Kung Fu movie of all time
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I really like The Pietasters. They're on my list of bands to see within the next few years. Slackers, Toasters, Dropkick, Mad Caddies, Streetlight and RBF down...Big D are next and if the Pietasters come to the UK, i'll be sure to go.
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I waited 4 years to see the Pietasters live. And finally they played my suburb town in south Amsterdam, a minute away by bike from my place, while I just happened to be there. GREAT show

Slackers were brilliant live too. So were RBF (saw them twice)

I want to see all these other bands (well never heard anything by streetlight, I didn't like catch 22 much so...) but they never played around where I live...