So far I'm tossing up between a Line 6 TonePort UX1 and the IK Multimedia StealthPlug

bundled with abelton live lite

bundled with 6 software and content packages

Stealth has AmpliTube so all the amp modelling and effects will sound great but I wondered if the Line 6 modelled sounds were any better?
I own a UX2 and have some clips of it in my profile. For the lower gain models on GearBox, they're actually quite nice, however, the higher gain are "eh" and only sound decent to my ears if I use a boost on them.

I have no doubt the AmpliTube models are better, but you don't get the option of using a mic to record vocal, acoustic guitar or an amp. If that's no big deal to you, then I'd just go with the Stealth Plug.
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I was after the very same thing a while ago mate and I'm gonna go with the Stealth Plug. I mean nothing says you have to use amplitube aswell, you could go from your amp direct to the software (which is what I plan on doing)
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