alright this is my newest funky song, it was quite alot of fun to record. it has vocals, drums, trumpet, bass, wah guitar, clean guitar, and overdriven guitar.

it's basically about a guy who's seduced by his psyciatrist.

hey, love doctor

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Thanks for the crit on my song.

I really liked this song. The recording quality was awesome, it sounded proffessionally done. The vocals really fit the funky feel of the song.

I thought the tone of the guitar sounded really good also. The whole song flowed together well.

I don't really have too many suggestions because it sounded great to me. Good job.
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like it alot. the Strings in the background give it a really disco sound imo. the guitar with tremlo is pretty cool to. the vocals are good. little less reverb maybe. the kick drum is a bit to "boomy" for my taste.

the guitars tone is pretty good it feels like it missing something though. but overall great man

btw thanks for the crit on mine.
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How are you recording the drums, becuase they sound great. Really cool recording and cool feel. The guitars can be mixed in a little more at certain parts. The bass is great. And good vocals.

Great song.

crit me?

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Apart from a cheesy as **** title, the song is pretty good. A nice vibe going on throughout, but I think the reverb on the drums was a bit much. Chorus was pretty good and fit the song well, but again it's cheesy as hell Nice bass playing as well, and the string run was a nice touch. I'd maybe work on the solo, make it a bit more consistant to the rest of the song as the distortion is a bit unfitting.

Cheers for the crit.
yeah, i meant this one to be really incredibly cheesy! thanks guys.
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Loved the cheesyness - Reminds me a lot of Spinal Tap Lol. The drums sound great and the arrangment sounds really good overall.
Nice guitar tones, the wah really works well. The bass is cool too.
Great vocals as usual.
First time i've heard something like this on here.

The lyrics are really good by the way.

Good stuff.

I've pm'ed you about you maybe adding vox to mine.
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This is an awesome tune you've got going here.

I really like the lead guitar lines as well as the vocals.

Oh and the strings were a very nice touch.

thanks for the crit.
Pretty much dug it. Reminded me of talking heads Really good recording quality. The lyrics were very simple yet pulled off well.

Good job!
If you check my profile song please leave a comment on any part.....THANKS!!!
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to you have anything you'd like me to crit?

Actually now that you ask....I have a song in my profile called "havent seen you in a while" and the lyrics are attached to it (yes thats me singing Im not a vocalist by trade haha)....Im lyrically challenged lol if you could take a sec and see if theres a quick fix that would be great. Ive been on kinda a writting spree because we have some upcoming gigs and I want more material and this song is not quite our normal stuff and Im just lyrically drained.

Something to keep in mind is the song and lyrics are total Improve, one take. I wanted to write something in C sharp and just started recording. The song will pick up speed via strumming instead of picking during the second chorus even though this version has a distorted guitar coming in third verse.

I really dig your mind lyrically so again anything you might think of would be very cool.
If you check my profile song please leave a comment on any part.....THANKS!!!
this song makes me wanna boogie and have sex all at the same time. the guitar and bass tone is great and it has a great groove. thanks for the crit. do you have AIM or anything of that nature?
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chriiiiiis, my main man. Your song is in need of some of my thoughts. First off, i really like how you start singing right away. The "hey love doctor" part is really catchy. I love the quiet part with the bass drum, as i've said before. I don't know why, but that part reminds me of the movie grease. Really unique little funky song, you've got the skills.
I opened a link to the 80's !!!!!!!!

The composition was very good, the basslines were very cool haha. Lol, the chorus was amazing, ahhahaha and the scream, lol.. Awesome song man, my favorite so far by you, seriously.. I like when you stopped the instruments and let the kick drum play with those 80's synthn ensembles..

Awesome man.. keep it up
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nice job on everything. guitar fits really well and is funky. great vocals and catchy chorus. love the clean and dirty guitar solo. the synths r a nice lil touch. everything fits really well together. keep it up
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I listened to this song 13 times already, it owns so much.... Very nice job man, very very nice job..

So, catchy
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Pm me immediately once you put it up..
Yeah, I'm cooking up something too, I'm feeling rather beethoven-y these days
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.
i'm psyced! i love your music...it lets me bleed out all that unhappy stuff so i can make cheery funk!
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