ok ive got a kramer striker fr-422sm. and as the title says, the neck is too thick. its maple neck, maple fretboard. im not gonna try any sanding down on my own, thinking of taking it to a luthier, but any experience with this?? will it work out? i dono how close the truss rod is either. any ideas what i can get done??
get a new custom neck? may get a tad pricey though.....
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sanding a neck isn't that hard, difficult, or dangerous. All you need to know is have something to seal the wood after you finish and use fine sandpaper (1200 grit should do) to help make it smooth.

try sanding a few millimeters at a time until you find a comfortable spot.
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im not confident abt sanding it myself, coz ive got no experiece on this and may make it uneven and mess it up, which ive done to other stuff coz its my 1st time..... lol so i guess ill have to just take it to a luthier and get it done... but i keep thinkin of puttin a new neck there and not buyin that new guitar ive been thinkin of buyin after 6 months or so.
My suggestion: find a piece of scrap wood (if you have any around) and practice your sanding on that... not much to it really, but do that til you feel comfortable with sanding, and then save some money and sand the neck down and apply sealer, like that other guy said.

That way, you can keep saving up for that guitar you want.
I don't really think that guitar is really worth that amount of effort to make it more playable. I would think a luthier will probably nearly charge you the price of the guitar to do it. You may be better off saving and just focusing on buying a new guitar that is more comfortable rather than either putting that much money or that much effort into a $250 guitar.
^^ guess so, but what am i gonna do till i get a new one?? the ones we get here really suck and they're way overpriced. and im goin to d us next year, so im gonna buy my new one from there. till then i have to have something...... btw i got it for $175..