Rawr. I'm a total Tom Morello wannabe, and I've been reading up on this multi-FX pedal for a while now. I got a few questions for people who own it, or anyone who knows about it in general:

Can I program it to get similar sounds to Morello? Specifically, I want decent tremelo / delay for Audioslave stuff like Gasoline and Like A Stone, and good wah pedal for RATM's Killing In The Name and Bulls On Parade.

How limited are it's patches? One source says three at a time, another says three on each stomp box?

And, this is the outsider question, anyone in the UK, maybe around Birmingham or Sutton know where I can actually find one? I'd rather not order it off the internet in case I get a dud one.
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if your looking for his sound, this will be a great unit for you. i can play the like a stone and mimic his sound very well from start to finish, and the same with killing in the name of, start to finish.

youll be able to get his delay, tremolo, whammy effect, wah, and everything else. the only limitations you will have is switching from wah to whammy pedal effect. you would have to save one preset, with the wah setting saved, and then save the exact same preset in the next bank but with the whammy setting, so that will take up 2 of your 3 presets in that bank leaving 1 for your clean setting or something of that sort

the patches arent too limiting, you can also get a footswitch to switch between the banks so you dont have to do it by hand, and that will give you unlimited posibilities, so instead of just having 3 presets that your able to use, you will be able to switch between every one.
hope that helped, pm me if you have any other questions
Yes i would have to agree, you have three footswithches which u can set on each bank but you can have many different effects on that one preset. Personally i dont think they can be beaten in this kind of price range, Boss effects are top notch even though I hardly use the distortions/OD's on my ME50 cos I have a great sound from my JCM900. The wah pedal is great for an onboard wah pedal and if playing through an amp i will always run it out of the guitar input rather than through an FX loop, the wah sounds much more sweeter that way. I have played a few Rage and Audioslave songs and this should cater to most of your needs. However if your a die hard fan a good addition would be the Digitech Whammy but if your to a spend limit, the ME-50 will get you well on your way.

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