Sorry, if this is off-topic here. We are seeking for some feedback for the proof of concept release of the Songsterr (http://www.songsterr.com/) project.

Songsterr is a guitar service for playing, learning, and singing online. Current version has 9 songs to choose from and gives a feeling of what it is like to control guitar playback of song using computer keyboard. In fact an experience from playing a song using Songsterr to our mind is somewhat close to one delivered by a real guitar.

We think that we can build something useful based on this prototype but we really need some feedback now to make a decision on the future of the project. As of now, we see several directions to choose from:

1. Service to learn to play songs with real guitar.
Features to add:
* Chords finger positioning and strumming instructions.
* Option to loop several chords or maybe a verse.
* Option to control the speed of the playback.
* Support of solos in addition to strumming.
* Remove user controlled playback feature since it seems to be not needed for learning a song.
* More songs.

2. Service to write accompaniment for songs online.
Features to add:
* Song editor - will look like current playback area but will have tools to edit lyrics, specify insertion points for chords, choose strumming pattern from a library and define a tempo.
* Social features like friends, ratings, contests, etc.

3. Online guitar player/singer (Karaoke).
The key difference from Karaoke is that Songsterr allows user to actually play a song by hitting space bar. Although this idea looks innovative to us, we are not quite sure that users will like it or will find it useful.
Features to add:
* Enhanced sound quality (variations of same chord, velocity, etc).
* Voice recorder.
* Contests.
* More songs.

Any feedback is welcome. It is really up to you now to define Songsterr's future. Thanks in advance!

ps: http://blog.songsterr.com/ - you can also leave comments in our blog.

Cheers, Denis