crit for crit. This song is by no means finished
Days of glory threaten to remain the past
What once stood tall has now become a fallen land
Self sacrifice to please the rest
What happened to the sword for the crest?
Now the island's covered in cloud
Heavens open, disease rains down
Im listening for a beckoning call
This sound of silence condemns us all.

We had the
World in our
clenched fist
now its slipped

The blackened lung of diversity
Can barely ****in breathe
The cancer spreads your on your knees
If only the blind could see
Those out to make a name
Lit the match which caused the flame
that burns the ground on which we stand
Witness now the fallen land

See the sky turn blue to black
Like the sun we're fading fast

Once were so far down the path
Theres no way we can turn back

The strength
To face
the wind

First steps are hard
but in time you'll see
its not that hard to get
to where we ought to be.

Oh boy, the song is distinctively metal.

Well, maybe not so. It seems more like '10 years' by Wasteland. But nice work.

Summon the strength to face the wind?

Humorous, but unique. I like that. Good job. ROARR!!