Name an amp that has better natural distortion and tone.
Have to at least played a Soldano for your thread to to be taken seriously
Mad Professor
Two Rock

The list is longer than you might think.......and this is coming from a Soldano owner.
ESP LTD EC-256 and a Fender Deluxe VM

*reported for starting a biased thread which is only ever going to descend into spam/flaming*

Don't be such an appalling dickface, please.

Oh, and while I'm here:

Fender Blackface, Marshall JCM 800, Mesa Boogie Dual/Triple Recto/Roadkings/Mks 1-2-3-4, Engl Invader/Powerball/Blackmore, and if we're talking distorted, high-gain tone, Peavey 5150/6505 (for a quarter of the price, I might add), Bogner Uberschall.