Hi Guys

I'm trying to sort out a really simple way of recording at home just to demo things before the studio. I have to do this as I play everything and it would take too long in the studio to change arrangements.

I have a pretty standard PC with a really good hard drive.

Have any of you seen those Guitar Tech Rock Frogs? They are a USB to instrument devise which means you dont have to do things the hard way.

Does anyone know if they will work with programs like guitar rig and amplitude? and if I used a midi keyboard would they work with further synth and drum programs?

It does come with basic guitar software but can the cable alone be used with other instruments and programs?

Any help on this would be great!
it should definitely work with amplitude,but there's another interface called the stealth plug which ships with amplitude, so that prbably a better deal,if u havent already got the rock frog...they're more or less the same ...the midi keyboard should work too . . .the cables should work for anything as long as its the right kind of jack . . .
Amplitude, Kristal or Anvil Studio for freeware. Pro Tools for paid software. Micro BR for physical recording device.
Thanks for your help guys, I just wasn't sure of all these other programs being able to locate this usb thing. sounds like I might try it then, or maybe that stealth plug. Thanks for all your help