I've just hooked up my toneport ux1 back to my computer, I connected the usb port from the back of the toneport to the computer and plugged in my guitar and headphones. I'm using cakewalk sonar 7 to record and I'm having trouble with a few things.

First, what are the input on the back of the toneport for? (Line, Monitor, and Analog) Second, is there any special settings I can change to improve the sound quality? And finally, is there anyway I can get the playback and metronome to play through the toneport headphones instead of the speakers?

Thanks for your time
Sound quality may be something to do with the fact that the Toneport is worth less than £100, it's a USB (not Firewire) connection, and your computer's spec. Also to consider is the fact that the Gearbox program is only modelling amps, and is again not amazing quality. And then you have to consider your speakers.

The manual should tell you what those ports are for.