Poll: Which solid color for the body?
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View poll results: Which solid color for the body?
Dark Red
7 15%
Dark Blue
2 4%
Baby Blue
1 2%
6 13%
White/Off White
21 46%
6 13%
0 0%
Dark Green
0 0%
1 2%
2 4%
Voters: 46.
I'm painting the good 'ol Squier pretty soon.

Which solid color looks best to you?

Edit: Forgot to mention, the Pickguard is Black.
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i own a beautiful strat in sunburnst... and i think it "is" the color. furthermore i like those called "olimpic white" and similar, gloss, reflective, nice!
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black pickguard with a snow white body would be cool. Or maybe some kind of silver or gray.

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well, personally if i was repainting it i would do it white and stencil a graphic on... otherwise i would go red or black

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Olympic white ftw!

edit: I voted without looking at your post. Since it has a black pick guard I suggest 3 tone sunburst
Since the pickguard is black.. you should have a contrasting body colour. Like.. white!
If you can get a black "tortoise shell" pickguard though.. I'd say paint the body red, that's my favourite colour combo for strats. (<-- notice I said my favourite.. you should do what YOU like most..)
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