I apologize if this is the wrong place. I know there's the tab talk forum, but all that seems to be is people either requesting tabs, or talking about how they make tabs, not any of them really talking about HOW to read them.

My questions pretty simple and probably most anyone'd be able to answer but I am a newbie so..



When a tab calls for this, how do I play it? I've read everywhere and can't seem to get it. It would seem logical to just play the D and B string alone, together, but how would I go about that? Or, would I play something like that one after the other very quickly? If so, which would come first? I know this all probably sounds pretty stupid, but I do appreciate the help, and apologize again if it's the wrong area.
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Looks like fingerpicking to me

So, I'd use, say, my pointer finger and my ring finger of my picking hand to play both notes at once and get something like this properly?
Well sometimes there is a thing called "Alternate Picking" which from what I've heard, is where you pick and finger pick at the same time. A man named Eric Johnson used this in a famous song called "Cliffs of Dover". You achieve this by hitting the 4th string (D) with the pick while using one of your other fingers to pick the 2nd string (B). Hope this helps.
you COULD finger pick it, but if it's fairly fast, just stum those notes, and mute the string in between, it should sound the same.
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lunar is thinking of hybrid picking, and to play this, you mute out the string in the middle and just strum over them with your pick. This is an octave by the way.
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Alright. Thanks everyone for your help. I think I have what I need to know now.

Thanks again everyone for your help.
You can mute the G string and strum or pick the note on the D string while using your middle finger to pick the note on the B string at the same time.
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Definitely just strum it and mute the middle string by putting your ring finger lightly on below the G. It's a pretty simple part, you're just putting too much thought into it.

Haha, I always do. That's why I like to seek the advice of those that know how to do it.
obviously it would depend on what genre of music it comes from, but usually seeing that in a tab means you strum whilst muting the string in between the two fretted strings (the g string in that case). The whole idea of that is that the two notes are the same... I don't know how nooby you are so I mentioned that just in case you didn't know
it's not fingerpicking. they are octaves (one note a full octave above the other) of C, B, A and G respectively.

you play the notes at the same time so finger the notes on the guitar and strum the D, G and B strings only. the G string won't sound as your index finger will be curled over to reach the D string, effectively muting the G string underneath it.

another way to show it would be


oh and i'd use my index and pinky to play the 2 notes. less of a stretch that way