All are FS/FT

THD 8 ohm Hotplate LIKE NEW! - $200

HOSA 2 Button Footswitch LIKE NEW- $15

IBANEZ CS9 Stereo Chorus - NOT WORKING (main board thingy has a crack; have the knobs somewhere) - Make offer

FENDER Two Button Footswitch Vib/Rev HARDLY USED - $25

EDIT: Also I forgot to mention that the CS9 does not have the original back plate. It had this plastic one on it when I got it. As you can see its barely hanging on there on the bottom left. Also a new pic of the damage.


Some Fuzzes
Lots of Choruses or Phasers
Some Wah's
Seek Trem
Some Distortion/OD
Good Acoustic DI

Other stuff too. Try me!
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Nevermind. You are in Canada. Its gonna cost way more. You can have it for $10 if you also cover the actual shipping cost.
Ok...I mod pedals and ship them back to their owners. I mod a lot of DS-1s (same size as your Ibanez)...I ship them back using premium shipping using USPS and it costs $13. Now thats fast shipping.

Standard shipping will be $5. I will give you $14
If standard shipping is $5 then give me $15. WTF? I show standard shipping to Toronto from Nashville is around $8 btw.
Not a scammer. Sold many things on this and other forums with no problems. Sent the pedal long ago with no insurance or delivery confirmation per kurtlives91 request for cheapest shipping possible. He has had a chippy attitude from the beginning of negotiations. I went against my better judgement and sold him the pedal anyway. Wouldn't be surprised if he's trying to get a free pedal by asking for a refund. But more than likely the pedal was lost on the way to Canada if he really hasn't received it.
Well if you don't wanna be taken as a scammer you should have responded to the NUMEROUS emails and PMs I sent you.

I got the pedal. And now your trying to make me look bad. Fuc k off buddy.
Never got an email. I'm assuming you sent the email to my paypal address. Which I never told you to use. I don't check it. And the PM thing is complete bull****. I never got one. I was the first to contact you via PM after I saw that you made a Paypal claim on me and asked the mods to ban me. If you didn't want to look bad you shouldn't have called me a scammer and asked for me to be banned especially when you made no real effort to contact me. A PM probably would have solved the whole thing.
Why would I check the thread if the deal was done. i did check my PM's to see if you had received the pedal yet but when I DIDN'T have any pm's from you I assumed all was well. Beware of this guy. He's probably 16 judging by his actions.
Still have the hot plate?
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Quote by kha02a
Why would I check the thread if the deal was done. i did check my PM's to see if you had received the pedal yet but when I DIDN'T have any pm's from you I assumed all was well. Beware of this guy. He's probably 16 judging by his actions.

Your an idiot....you would check the thread cause you still have other stuff for sale.

I am 17 and I could probbly kick your ass. I urge UGers not to deal with kha02a.
Wow you really are a kid. This is such a waste of time. However I didn't check the thread because everything had sold by that time. Did your little 17 year old brain think of that? Don't call me an idiot. Grow up. You're gonna have to before you have a chance in hell to kick my ass anyway. Forum members: Might be a good idea to ask how old the person is that you are dealing with. I might from now on. Don't deal with this guy. I should call his mom to let her know how rude her little boy is.
I own my own buisness online and do many transactions a week. You are the only person I have had issues with.

How old are you?

Are all young people stupid? Hmm a generalization....I think its time you shut your big mouth. You are making yourself look pretty dumb.

I hate to break it to ya buddy but most of UG is young.

I like the mom joke, nice touch, very mature.
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Ok let's be clear. You had no issues with me. I told you to send me the money and that when you did I would send you the pedal. That's what I did. Then you made a paypal claim against me and asked the mods to ban me in my thread without so much as a pm to try and clear things up. And no matter home many times you lie and say that you did pm me it doesn't change the fact that you didn't. You and I both know the truth.

And even though you did get the pedal you didn't retract your claim or correct your insults against me in this thread until I contacted you. Why? Who's really immature? No, not all young people are stupid but you are doing a brilliant job of perpetuating that stereotype.

The only issue that you've had with me is that I was upset about being called a scammer, the paypal claim and your attempts at getting me banned. Sorry if that doesn't sit well with me. And this is the last thing I have to say about this whole stupid mess. I won't comment any further. I'll just let you get back to running your online "business" that you "own."
I did send you a PM, you either missed it or it wasnt delver succesfuly.

I did retract the PayPal claim, I ony got the pedal a few days ago.

I didnt retact any of my comments because I didnt think you were a good seller. Every body I have ever bought something for has sent me a confrmation email or a "thanks" or something when they recived the funds.

Work on your commnication.l