Basically... I'm struggling to get the right sound out of my rig, and i was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or ideas.

What i have so far is:

ESP Ex-50 (With the standard pickups)

- Chose for Cleans, not the silly effects, as i prefer to add the effects and distortion later on with pedals

(First Edition :P) Ibanez TS909 Tubescreamer.
- I only like analog effects, not digital sounding things like a lot of boss effects (I loathe digital sounding things)

I basically play all types of metal and rock, and i'm mostly a rythm player, so i need a sound which is good for lots of riffing.

At the moment, All i can mostly get is a good overdrive sound but it sounds too tinny, and if i lower the treble or mids all i can get is a messy sound, which is nothing like what im going for.

So, what i need is a heavey bassyish overdriven sound, which doesn't sound messy and doesn't get lots of humming and buzzing.

I was thinking maybe getting a EQ pedal. But i'm unsure. I don't want to replace the amp (i know it sounds not sutiable or metal, but i play a variety things, so i was mostly aiming for a good clean and adding stuff later on) I'd prefer Pedals or new Pickups.

Thanks for your help beforehand.
Oh... Well i found with some amps which are suggested for metal have too much like hmming and buzzing and stuff which annoys me.
Ultimate-Settings thread in GG&A Forum on this site.

EDIT: My bad, for some reason I thought that this was the pit.
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I can't remember. Most were ****ty amps like MGs and spiders my friends have, but some good marshalls had it.

And i'm not looking for other peoplds sounds
Well of course MGs and spiders have it. And good Marshalls aren't exactly supposed to be metal amps. You probably don't want to hear this, but look at some new amps like a used Mesa F-30 and a B-52 AT-112. They will do everything you want for around $500. You probably don't want to spend that kind of money, but those amps will do any clean and distortion straight from the amp better than any pedal.
You will not get the sound you are after with a tubescreamer going in to a modelling amp, what you want is a higher gained tube amp, and keep the TS to boost it.
Hmm... yeah, i don't really have any moment...

I was planning to get some better amps later on, but ok, that sounds fair enough, it's also because i like messing around with lots of pedals getting different sounds and stuff out of them, thats why i was looking more at pedals.

Also (from your previous answer) I checked beforehand with pedals an the Ad50VT, and it wasn't bad at all, and various people i talked to also said that.
Well the amp you have now is pretty good. Just use the amp models on manual mode to get the best sound and mess around with the EQ. THe tubescreamer won't do much, so you should just keep that until you get a better amp.
Ok. Thanks for the help,

Woudl a EQ pedal help at all ( I already use the manual settings)
Quote by JFY
Ok. Thanks for the help,

Woudl a EQ pedal help at all ( I already use the manual settings)

It might a little. Nothing too huge though. YOu could get one and try it and keep it if you like. IT would always be useful with your new amp whenever you get one.