Alright heres what I have to work with. (listing all #'s and Names of the equipment that I can find. None of the pickups have been replaced everything is stock.)

Guitar: Schecter Diamond Series, Omen-6 (05030258)

Amp: Line-6 Spider II

Now, when I first expressed interest in playing the guitar my parents picked these up at the guitar store and surprised me on my birthday. They told me they went on the what the sales rep. said would be the best. After reading that sticky, I feel slightly retarded.
As for the type of music I like to play with my friends I guess you could say we play metal/hard rock, there is a lot of Chug Chugging if you understand that. I generally play the rhythm with my friends. Now with all that being said, and possibly lack of info. on the gear I have listed, is any of my gear remotely close for what I want to play.

P.S. Any suggestions/criticism is welcome.

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The guitar is fine, but the amp is going to be thought as not that great. Sound to digital, though it is fine for practice.
Well people generally take the crap out of line 6 amps but for a beginner its more than fine. Eventually you'll want to upgrade your equipment but the amp has a few channels and effects to get you started its perfectly fine for now.
people will diss the amp but i like them and i have no clue about schecters but there ment to be amazing
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Schecters are nice guitars i think. And for a beginner, the Line 6 is ok. But when you get better, youre definately gonna want a better amp. And as a general rule, try out your gear before you buy it and dont go on what the sales rep says most of the time. Hes trying to either sell his extra stock or make the biggest commission they can.
your gear is fine for the next 5 years, then you will notice and can upgrade.
Ive had it for about 2 years now. I know the amp is a MAJOR part of the sound, but I'm on a tight budget so should I change the pick ups for the style I like? If so, recommendations?
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A new amp would have a much greater impact on your tone than pickups. I've never used a line 6 but i assume it has some decent distortion settings that should be fine for metal/hardcore

I personally think they have a nice bottom end for the type of amp they are, but i would like more treble on them
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