I have been seeing a lot of Gibson Baldwin SG Signature Series on Ebay recently, has anyone ever owned/played one, and are they any good??
I wouldnt get one. My first guitar was a Gibson-Baldwin LP-style guitar, and its horrible. The neck is ok, i like the shape of it. But the truss rod keeps rattling, the tuners are awful, and the pickups are quite subpar. And if thats anything to go one, i would stay away from em. If you want a cheap SG, Maybe look at Epi's SG Special or G-310.
Used to sell them where I used to work. There is no quality control on those. I saw one that looked like someone took a power saw and took a cut in the back of the neck, and even though it was a giant cut in the back of the neck, they still sent it through.
i also owned a lp style one and let's just say it was heavy as lead and it wasn't that good
just get an epi g400
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G400 Definitely, or an Epi Lp standard (plain top version sounds exactly the same compared to the plus-top version)[rant] The G-310= It won't last you very long, and the electronics aren't very good. Not to mention you can't reach anything past the 18th fret, it's not possible, the cutouts aren't deep enough. [/rant]
By the way, Plywood guitars won't A) sound good or B) be of good quality.
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wait, baldwin has their name on guitars now? they make pianos for christ sake.
although i love their pianos
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oh no... stay as far away as you can from any guitar that has gibson and baldwin together in its name