Hey guys got a new one up that actually got masterd so lemme know what you think.

Track is Hello It's on my profile

IF your curious as to what I used just ask
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Hey, thanks for the crit. (Hello) Sweet intro so far, i like your tone, cutting yet not earsplitting. Very nice overdriven sound. Sweet solo, not bad work at all. I would suggest putting vocals to it, its rather repetetive for a instrumental. But not bad at all, nice accurate playing, well done!
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I thought it sounded good overall. But like the guy above me said, I think it's to repetetive.

Also, the riffs sound really generic. The drums are kind of repetative also, mabye try changing them up some. Mabye some vocals would help too.

The solo was nicely played, and there were no mistakes, very accurate playing.

Pretty good job.

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critting as i listen: nice solo tone, could have more highs i think. it didn't stand out much. the palm mutes had some timing issues. riffs were decent, but i think you should try for more single note riffs as opposed to power chord based riffs. also, this got a bit boring after the second or third chorus without another solo.

the second solo was very cool, but i think if your going to solo for that long your should spice things up with maybe some sweeping or arpregios, and definately with some triplets or something, because you use the same note interval pretty much the whole solo.

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