Anyone have any suggestions for songs or riffs to learn that would improve my left hand finger strength/control as well as my coordination between the two hands? I would also appreciate any exercises that will help to improve those skills as well if you guys have them. URL's to tabs or explanations for excercises would be preferred if possible.
Well for the left hand, Thunderstuck by ACDC, its also very good for hammer on and pull off techniques.
The Snaggle Toothed Pirate
scales! up, down, up down....

over and over....

thunderstrucks good.

also, sit around and improvise solos should increase coordination
I should have been more specific with the question xD. Thunderstruck is tame for me. I'm looking to develop the strength to hammer on and pull of out of nowhere and create legato runs ALL across the neck.
I just found it came with time, although I would from time to time play songs purely with legato from start to finish, also try and keep your left hand as close to the fretboard as possible, reducing the amount of movement I was doing really reaped dividends in the speed stakes