As I said last night, there was this cheap $270 BluesJr. When i phoned today (thanks everyone!), Apparently there' 20 offers, and that's with the reverb tank broke. The guy say he will jack it up by 30 or 40 to repair the reverb tank, but hey, considering they are selling it in Canada for $434 in Tom Lee or $450 in L&M, it's still a very good deal. (it's in CDN... parity apparently doesn't exist in music stores)

So how should I increase my chance of getting it?
1) Trying to raise the price to 350 ($100 more, nothing more)
2) ??? <-- any suggestions?

Or... Just give up and try to get a new Super Champ XD (I found getting any used amp, except SS or Hybrid, is VERY difficult)

Edit: reword my last part
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I have one of the super champs really do like it for a practice amp or recording. Don't think I would gig with it unless it was a real small venue. Thats what the twins for.
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