Alright, so I have a Schecter Tempest custom. Recently, after less than a year of use, one of the stock pickups that came in the guitar have died. The problem is that I'm not sure which one it is.

I'm embarrassed to say it, but I can't tell by ear which one is being used, or even by toggle switch.

All I know is that it only works when the toggle switch is in the "up" most position out of the three (middle, and down). Which I assume means the other pickup is dead.

Which leads me to ask, how can one tell which pickup is on by ear?

Or, conversely, if anyone has a similar guitar, which pickup does the "up" position refer to?

Much thanks in advance
If it's in the upmost position and working, then the bridge pickup is the dead one. Chances are you might just need to resolder some connections in there, it's not TOO likely that the pickup itself is shot.

And, for the most part, it's not too hard to determine the difference between the two by ear - the bridge pickup tends to have more "bite" and high end, while the neck pickup is smoother/bassier (on a dual-humbucker guitar).
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nope nope i had this problem then i talked to my mates dad (greAT guitarist) and he got some spray thing he said WD40 worked too just a TINY drop of it in the pickup thing th ebar that changes the channel or what ever the slide it up and down for a few minutes

something about it not catching something

if that dont work try resoldering and if still no hop get a new one
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Thanks a ton, guys

It was always something that was really nagging me, even before it came to this.

It's good to know that it might not necessarily need replacing, since I'm kind of strapped on cash at the moment. If I can find a way to pay for it though, I might just replace it (or both) anyway, since I was planning on doing that eventually regardless.

Thanks again