I was just wondering what is the best way to turn an amp for tuning the EQ.
I noticed that I like the sound best when I turn the amp away from me, but do you think I should tune it facing me, because this is how an audience will hear it, or should I do something else?
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Remember that it's the audience's opinion that matters.
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If its not being miced up, remember to dose with a heavy sprinkle of Presence.

Kneel in front of the speaker, adjust it there. Face the amp towards the crowd. And if you're micing it up, dont bother adjusting the Mixers EQ for that channel. If it sounds good coming from the amp, it'll sound good thru a PA. Unless you have sh.it equipment.

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Since you don't have ears on your knees (I hope), you should aim the speaker at your face when you're EQ'ing it. That's the way the audience will hear it.
Treble tends to be more directional than bass frequencies, so if you face your amp away from you, you'll hear less treble than is actually being put out by your speaker.
not fully facing your face, it actually sounds different if u keep your ears above or below the speakers. if u are playing on a stage, then the audience will be mostly below your speakers and the PA system. so keep your head, like, right above the speakers, then adjust the eq.
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