ok i know this is a guitar site, but i also do drums. anyway, i was gonna order a new bass drum on GC online. I put it in my cart and saw how much shipping was and was like, screw that. so i left the site, and apparently it was still in my cart. anyway like two weeks later, GC offered me like 5 percent off and a new head for free.
i just wanted to know if this had happened to anyone else, or hey, try it out and see if it happens for you
No, I had an Ibanez tremelo something a couple years ago in my cart, I never got offered any fancy hoo haa.

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yea, this happened to me too, if you leave anything in your cart (you have to have an account and be signed in) for like 2 weeks, they'll send you an email offering you 5% back on your entire cart.