So I'm going to start playing electric at church soon. They have an SM57 there, but I'm not totally sure on the best angle/distance from the amp. Does it really matter?
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The best thing to do is play with it for a bit until you get something that works for you.

Most of the time you'll see SM57's perpendicular to the cab right in front of the grill and pointed about halfway between the center of the cone and the edge of the speaker. For a brighter sound, move it closer to the center, for a darker sound, move it closer to the edge.
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Yes, it matters.
For me, and most likely for you, place the SM57 straight, pointing towards the speaker cone, at about 2/3 inches away from it.

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yah Roast is right. But some People Like Tom Scholz and others place it 2 to 3 feet away from the cab to get the sound reflecting off the floor
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When I do live sound, I will have one in front about 2-3 feet from the cab, one right against the cab in between the cone and the edge of the speaker, and one behind the cab(inside if you can), and then choose based on what sounds best, or sometimes even combine one of the front mics, and the back. Since you only have one, try the mic all over the place, and see which you prefer, you just have to play with it until you get the sound you want.
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