I've been lookin for a fuzz and decided on the Big Muff Pi, but before i bought it i read that the little big muff isnt much different, and maybe closer to the 70's tone and since im undecided i wanna know what would be better for me, I'm looking for a nice Gilmour or Hendrix tone.
I didn't notice much of a tonal difference between the two (perhaps it would be more obvious if you have the chance to test them side by side). For one thing, you'll have a lot more room left on your pedalboard if you get the little one.
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The little one seemed to be a slight bit smoother to me, but that's probably subjective.
i thought it was the same circuitboard, but the little one's more pedalboard friendly..

...and less fun
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Same pedal, more compact. But one of the main selling points of getting a BM is the size. I'm sure EHX have a contract saying they have to make all their pedals as big as possible
The sustain and tone knobs are worth the extra $20 or so. You can really draw some whallop out of the thing with the tone low, and you can tweak the sustain knob with for foot for some fun swells. (it's trickey; don't fall over)
^The little BM has the same controls. The Nano muff is the one with one knob.
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Quote by rageandlove04
^The little BM has the same controls. The Nano muff is the one with one knob.

God, I suck.

My vote is still for the Sovtek. +134 vibe points.
The NYC Big Muff is smoother, the russian is a bit more harsh. The Little Big Muff is somewhere in between.